Create the Ultimate Garage Home Office Using These Simple Tips

How great would it be to have an office at home? Sure, having an office sounds nice, but you might be thinking that you don’t have enough space. That might not be the case, though.

You could always choose to convert the garage into a home office. It’s a relatively easy way to get the office you need without taking up space in the home.

Planning is the key to success.

Doors & Things has professionals who know and understand the amount of potential the garage door has. They can help you find the ideal garage door for your space, no matter what you want to do with it.

Of course, adding a new garage door is just one thing that you have to consider. Below, we will be looking at other important questions you have to consider when converting your garage.

Eastman E-12, 14' x 7', Claystone door and Ice White overlays, 4 vertical lite Orion windows

What do you think of this garage door? This an Eastman E-12 garage door (R-16 insulated). It is from the Townships Collection and measures 14' x 7'. It features a Claystone door along with Ice White overlays and four vertical lite Orion windows.

Question 1 – Is a New Garage Door Needed?

If your garage door is old and looks worse for wear, it might be time that you replaced it. It will improve the look of your home and even boost the curb appeal.

You will also want to install a new garage door if your current door doesn’t keep out pests, noise, or the weather.

If you aren’t sure, you can do an experiment. Go into the garage with the door closed to get a sense of the temperature. Does it have drafts? Does the outside temperature feel the same as inside of the garage? Is there a lot of noise? Getting a new garage door can take care of those issues.

Garage Door Model: Standard+ Vog, 10' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony

Here’s a great looking garage door. This is a Standard+ Vog (R-16 insulated) door that measures 10' x 7'. It is black and has a left-side Harmony window layout.

Question 2 – What Will You Be Doing in the Garage?

The way you are going to use the garage will dictate what you will be keeping in the space.

  • Do you like the idea of a small standing desk or do you prefer a large desk with more space to work?
  • Will you need room for storage for files, books, and other items you use for your business?
  • Would you like to have a lounge space for meeting clients? Do you want a place where you can relax?

Home office picture - Abondant light and clean desk help getting work done

Photo credit: Unsplash

Always take time to consider what functions you need the garage office to perform. Think about these before you start to redesign the garage, as they will play an important role in how you design the space.

Do you need the garage to be multifunctional?

You might want to make more use out of the space. Perhaps you want it to be a gym or an area for an art studio, as well as an office. On the blog Love Property, you will even find garage conversions that create a loft space.

Knowing how you use the space will help determine the type of garage door you choose.

Check out this option from the Decoist, which shows a garage home office conversion that features space to park a bike.

Maybe you want to have access to the garage for storing different types of gear and outdoor items. In that case, you will want to have a functional garage door.

Question 3 – What Can You Do to Make Better Use of the Garage Space?

You may find that working with a freelance interior designer can make it easier to decide what to do with your garage and how to make the right improvements.

Designers have experience when it comes to working with clients and creating a space that will meet their goals and provide the function they need.

Those who aren’t well-versed in design can have problems determining the best way to create their garage office. The professionals will make it far easier.

Of course, you will still have several decisions you will have to make.

Maybe you want to keep the concrete flooring. Of course, you might also decide to go with vinal or with rugs. Always think about the function of the space and what will work for aesthetics and comfort .

Be sure to consider other elements and comforts that will make the garage feel homey . This includes the paint and décor on the walls, along with stairs for using vertical spaces, and your lighting.

You should always feel free to be creative! Maybe you would like pendant lights, which can draw the eyes upward. Maybe add some tall bookshelves and a library-style ladder.

Home office in Black & White with 3 tables made with painting trestles

Photo credit: Pixabay

Question 4 – What Do You Need to Do?

Never forget the practical questions and how to answer them.

Often, garages become humid. At Doors & Things, you will find some tips that help to reduce the humidity in your garage. Insulation is a good option, and it can help ensure the garage stays at a comfortable temperature.

Of course, even when you have insulation, you may want to have a heater for the winter and an air conditioner in the summer.

You are turning your garage into a viable living space when you make this type of conversion.

Naturally, you have to make some changes to ensure it is livable. Making these changes will be more cost-effective and easier than creating a new addition.

Do You Need to Replace Your Garage Door?

If you need to replace your garage door, contact a garage door dealer today. They can provide you with the guidance you need when choosing a garage door that will work for the space you are creating.

When you choose Doors & Things, we can provide you with a quotation by email.

Also, be sure you visit our showroom to find some inspiration, not to mention advice.

Call at 705-322-0136, and we can help you from start to finish.

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