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Whether you are renovating or doing entirely new construction, you might find yourself ready to go but needing a little bit of assistance with figuring out costs and other factors. We are here to help.

Our consultants can make sure that you find exactly the garage door want for your plans.

Making Vision a Reality

One of the easiest ways to start making your vision a reality is to visit our Design Centre, where you can build a model of the door that you want. When you get to that point, your project will be nearly ready to go, but even if you don’t take that step, we can still help you using materials that you may have on hand.

At Doors & Things, our consultants are here to help you get the most out of visiting our showroom and help you find the door you want. We can work with photographs of your home, plans, drawings, Design Centre models and other tools to help you realize your vision and make it into a reality. If you happen to have paint swatches that match the colour of your home’s exterior, windows and front door, we strongly encourage you to bring them in, as they can be of great assistance.

Selection Makes the Difference

Our showroom located in Midland has a huge array of different options, allowing you to choose a garage door that exactly suits your needs. If you live in Midland, Barrie or Orillia, our professionals will help you sort through the options. Our professionals will help you sort through the options. Our consultants not only take into account your plans, architectural details and other concerns, but they also work very hard to help keep you within your budget so you can get the project done as you wish.

With just about every garage door project, there are some questions that need to be answered. Our consultants will help you to answer all of these questions, which can let you know if there are any major concerns that you need to have addressed or if you are ready to go.

  • Architecturally speaking, what is the style of your home?
  • What is the overall architectural style of the neighbourhood in which you live?
  • What you use your garage for more than anything else?
  • Are you interested in heating in your garage or would you prefer to keep it unheated?
  • Do you want natural light in your garage?
  • Do you have any rooms over your garage?

When you visit our showroom, you will have plenty of advantages as a result, including:

  • Seeing the garage doors in person allows you to make a closer inspection
  • You can take into account specifications such as insulation levels, durability and so forth
  • You get to see the full scope of doors we have available
  • You can explore options for windows
  • You may want to add the LiftMaster™ garage door opener

Your Door, Your Plans

Our consultants will be able to give you colour swatches, informational brochures and other materials to help with your garage door selection process. They can even put together a no obligation estimate so you can keep track of costs as accurately as possible.

Showroom - Garage doors
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Showroom - Garage doors

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