Why we recommend Garaga

Garaga: Beauty and Quality

The team at Doors & Things has worked with Garaga products for many years. We have installed hundreds of their doors in Midland, Barrie, Orillia, Minnesing, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Penetang, Wyevale, Elmvale, Perkinsfield and Lafontaine. As we repair different brands of garage doors, it became clear to us over time that Garaga products were the best. They stand out from the competition.

Their quality is evident in their robust construction. They are designed and built to face the harsh Canadian climate and to last longer. Their beauty is seen in their wide selection of patterns, designs and colours which complement all home styles.

Features and advantages of garaga products

What reassures us most about Garaga is to know that this company has established a very rigorous production standardization system. For you as a customer, this means consistency and rigor in the manufacturing process of their products – today, in two months or in two years from now!

The advantages of Garaga products:

  • Doors: manufactured with components (insulation, weatherstripping, thermal break) to protect you from the cold winter, and keep you cool in the summer.
Injected Polyurethane Foam
PVC Weatherstripping
U-shaped Weatherstripping
  • Solid and durable doors: made with top quality materials to withstand all temperatures as well as the toughest use.
  • Doors with a polished design: the big brands are recognized by their attention to detail. Thanks to their wide variety of styles and colours, Garaga stands out. They offer a design to meet every architectural style, regardless of the look you wish to create.

The difference garaga makes

With Garaga, quality goes far beyond appearances. Everything is constructed to ensure a refined aesthetic, modern design and outstanding performance. There simply is no better garage door system on the market.

Using the wide range of Garaga products, we can meet all of your construction or renovation needs. Their products are affordable, allowing you to meet your budget.

Like Us, Garaga is a family business

Doors & Things is a family-run business that has specialized in garage doors for many years. Garaga is also a family business, which makes our core values similar, and this helps you make sure you won’t regret the choice you made.

Garaga is the product line we recommend and use the most, since we want only the best when it comes to new garage doors. We offer peace of mind and a job that is always well done!

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