December 16, 2016
Every single day, you park in front of your garage door, drive away from it, without even tossing a glance in its direction. The garage door has somehow become an invisible part of your house that you don’t even register, or perhaps it’s an eyesore that you choose to block out. If you’ve ever considered doing something wild like painting your garage door with a brightly colored mural, you know exactly what we mean.
December 9, 2016
Garages can, of course, seem like dangerous places to leave your beloved pets while you’re away from the house. But don’t worry, you can easily transform them into safe havens, and head out without any worries!
October 12, 2016
Did a spring on your garage door break? Are you thinking of fixing it yourself?
September 9, 2016
Looking for ways to reduce your impact on the environment? Hoping to reduce your energy costs at the same time? One way to accomplish both goals is to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Lack of insulation means your home is losing energy and money, which harms the environment…
July 22, 2016
Every homeowner wants to feel as though their house is welcoming and comforting. Whether you are building a brand new home, or just renovating your existing house to better fit your style, there are many things that can help create the cozy feeling you want.
February 11, 2016
ou can kiss traditional designs goodbye as you embrace a more contemporary look and feel. Current trends in technology are enabling us to more fully embrace the diversity that is all around us.
January 22, 2016
How can you properly protect all of your outdoor and seasonal objects? By storing them year-round in your garage of course! It’s important to remember that your garage and garage door can only perform so well if your door opener is malfunctioning.

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