Five of the best reasons you should love your garage

New ways to look at your garage

Do you ever think about your garage? If you do, what do you think about it? While it is the space where you park your vehicle to keep it out of the sun and snow, it is capable of more than that. Sure, it can protect your mower and tools and offers a space to pack up your patio furniture, but is it a space you worry about? Most people don’t give it much more than a passing thought and only while inside of it.

Some people, definitely not all of us, have taken the time to set up an outstanding storage system that many of us envy. Most of us have made a few minor changes and moved on.

Maybe you love your garage just the way it is and haven’t thought about reasons you might want to organize it in a new way.

Give us a few minutes and consider shaking things up in terms of your garage. We’ve compiled five excellent reasons that you should love your garage and ensure you offer all the maintenance, care, and improvements that it fully deserves.

Your home value is affected by your garage

All the reasons mentioned above are reasons why having a garage is a positive for any home. Parking and storage are both important. However, what many do not realize is that a front-facing garage door can make up anywhere from 30 to 45% of the façade of your home. Why does that matter? It’s a major factor in how your home looks and also acts as one of the largest spaces in the house. It’s also going to be the first thing a visitor sees when pulling up to your home.

Your garage door, and the garage as a whole, are capable of enhancing and complementing the appearance of your house. Any professional evaluator or real estate agent will tell you that having a garage that looks great inside and out will increase the value and equity of your home. Homebuyers put a lot of emphasis on having a garage, even more so when that garage is functional and laid out in an optimal way.

Everything in your home is protected by the garage

Outside of buying your home, the most serious and expensive purchase you make is likely buying a vehicle. Your home and vehicle also require continuous maintenance and insurance expenses. This also holds true for boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. The best way to keep those things in great shape, protected, and away from the elements is by having them inside of a garage.

If you are like most people, you keep far more than your vehicle tucked inside your garage. You might have tools, outdoor equipment, sports gear, or sentimental items you don’t have the room for in your home. As with your car, these items need to be kept protected and dried for later use.

Many people use an attached garage, but for those who have one that is detached with plenty of height, you can even build a storage area overhead so you can keep important items off the ground.

Walking through the garage is a regular occurrence

Based on a US study, nearly 70% of those who own a home also use their garage as the typical access point to get inside their house. If you have a garage that is stuffed full of boxes and items which are unorganized, tidying up might be a good option.

Instead of spending more time procrastinating, you may want to consider straightening up. While you are at it, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make a few improvements. This will make it easier and safer for you and other occupants of the home to use it. It also means when others are inside the garage, it will be a space you can be proud of.

Hazards could be lurking in a cluttered garage

Your safety

Have you taken the time in the recent past to go through the garage and remove items that might be toxic or flammable? Old grease, old oil, and old paint are better off being recycled. In addition, clutter can be more than inconvenient. It can be a fire and a health risk.

Food items should also be removed from the garage, although canned food is not a problem. However, items that aren’t sealed the right way can bring in rodents and insects.

If you have a garage with poor ventilation or clutter, it can also lead to mold and unsavory odors, which can be hard to get rid of once they are present. Ignoring the garage can lead to serious issues down the road.

Your garage can be an enjoyable space

Your new happy place

You can easily carve out space for your most enjoyable hobbies and activities by transforming your garage. All it takes is a bit of time and a dose of creativity. There is nowhere better for DIY hobbies like handicrafts and woodworking. Another option is to create a den in the garage with a television so you can watch your favorite films or sports event. Some individuals even start a home business using the garage. All it takes is remembering that your garage is a massive space and there are tons of possibilities.

Think about what it would be like…

Wouldn’t it be amazing to own a garage that is well-organized and neat? A garage that bumps up the value of your home? One that is a space your entire family can use? It’s all up to you…

When it comes to concerns about your garage door system, contact us at 705-322-0136. We are also happy to offer you a quotation by email.

We also welcome you to come to our showroom to meet us. For those planning to change out their garage door, you can visit the Design Centre to look at various styles of doors for your home. Our image gallery is also available to offer you inspiration.

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