Your Smart Garage Door opener: The 8 Things It Does to Help You

Everyone loves smart technology and what it does to help make our lives more simple! That’s why we are amazed by the new LiftMaster by Chamberlain garage door openers. This is a high-tech dream!

LiftMaster took the plunge a few years ago and decided to start connecting their garage door openers to WiFi! Now, most of their models contain the MyQ technology that allows users to control their garage doors from any smart device, from any location.

Ron Burgundy, The Anchorman, Funny Gif Say What

That’s right! Now you can open your garage door from any location as long as your smartphone is connected!

That’s not all you can do with the LiftMaster 85503! It also has:

  • A built-in camera
  • 2-way audio
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone or tablet controls

Check out what is happening at this very moment

Some features of the built-in camera include:

  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • Manual 360-degree rotation
  • Live-streaming 1080p HD video

I’m not quite understanding??

You can watch live as people come through your garage door!

The kids getting dropped off by the bus, someone pulling into the garage, and even pesky neighbors who try and take your gardening tools!

What you can see from your smartphone device when somebody activates your garage door opener as they get through your garage door.

This is what it might look like from your smartphone device as somebody activates your garage door opener and when they come through the door.

You will be able to see anyone come through your garage door!

This happens in real-time and as soon as the door is activated.

How can people open my garage door?

Using the LiftMaster garage door opener and the MyQ app, there are two different ways people are able to open and close the garage door.

1. For people who you only want to give access to once:

  • They will send you a text when they are at the location
  • You will open the garage door using the app
  • You have the option to watch as they complete their task
  • You will close the garage door using the app
  • Do this each time you want to give access only once

But what if you are unable to drop what you’re doing to use your app? What if you can’t think about it each time people will need to be entering and exiting?

2. Utilize the MyQ app to give access to those you trust.

Check out these three simple access methods:

A little girl taking a walk with a big dog.

  1. If you have people come to your home every week at a specific time, you can give them reoccurring weekly access.
  2. For someone who is coming to do work at a specific time and date, you can give them temporary access.
  3. You’re also able to give unlimited access to those who are closest to you.

These six pictures can give more insight into how easy it is to use!

How it looks on your smartphone: LiftMaster MyQ app first lets you choose your relationship with the user you add. Then you either choose if it's a temporary, recurrent or always access.

Smartphone View: LiftMaster MyQ app lets you define the relationship with the person as well as choose whether they will gain temporary, recurring, or full access.

Selecting a recurring and temporary is pretty intuitive. You select a day or many days, then you select at what time each guest gets access and at what time this access ends.

More notes on temporary or recurring access: The calendar view allows you to select different users and when they will be allowed access to your garage, down to the specific dates and even times. If you have more than one garage door and want to limit them to one side, you are also able to control this.

A guest user receives an invitation to join the app through email. Once they create an account with MyQ, they will be able to gain access depending on their credentials.

Using the MyQ app, each action by every person who has access to your space is saved under action history so you’re able to look back on each thing happening on a daily basis. You can also enable push notifications so that you can be alerted when someone is entering or exiting your garage.

Handy tips – Guest users can’t look at:

  • Event history
  • Camera feed
  • Configuration functions
  • Commercial operators or gate openers

Read about some other examples of how this technology can help you:

  • What if your neighbor comes over each Tuesday night to tutor your son in math. Even if you are still at work, you can see when they come over and when they leave and even be alerted when they arrive and depart.
  • If you have a landscaping service that comes to your home each week or every other week and they need access to your gardening materials, they can use their recurring access to open and close the garage at the same time each week.
  • Say you are receiving a new refrigerator between noon and 1 pm next Friday. You would not have to wait at home. Instead, you can give limited access during that time. And remember to tell them you will be watching!

Isn’t this technology amazing? We’re sure you are not able to do this with your current garage door!

Ready to get your mind blown again?

Funny picture! Jakie Chan is mind blown!

Using this smart technology you can listen and respond to people in your garage!

The system in the LiftMaster 85503 offers two-way audio:

  • Live 2-way communication
  • Adjustable volume
  • Enable/disable the microphone
As Rachel is entering your garage door, you get notified and you can say "Hi, Rachel." and give her instructions if she is your housekeeper or say you love her if she's your mom.

If you decide to enable notifications through your device you can see who is entering your garage at certain points during the day and pop in for a chat if you feel like it!

Say you get a notification that Rachel has entered your garage. You can pop in and say

"Hi, Rachel."

If she is the gardener, you can give her special instructions for that day.

If Rachel is your wife coming home from work for the day don’t hesitate to turn on the mic and remind her that you love her!

Peace and security: your home

Safety features are important as well since the LiftMaster 85503 is so advanced in terms of all the technology it offers:

  • What about a Battery Backup? Having a battery backup is great if your location is prone to power outages! This means that you will still be able to open your garage using your smartphone, even if the power is out.
  • Will it fight against forced openings? Yes! If someone is trying to pry open your garage door, say a burglar, the garage door will detect it and push back down!
  • Does it safeguard garage access by sending a new code with every click? Yes! The SECURITY+ 2.0 changes the garage code multiple times so that people who are wandering around with old remotes trying to break into homes will not have access to yours.
  • Flashing alerts: If you want to close the garage door using your smartphone when other people are in the garage, the system will flash and alert them using a sound so they are aware of the moving door.
  • Safety Sensors: These are sometimes called photo-cell safety beams. These sensors detect when someone is underneath the door when it is closing and stops immediately. This is great for those who have kids.

    Two little girls playing close to a garage door while closing. The photo-cell safety beams are activated for more safety.
  • Lighting: It contains motion detecting lighting so you will never trip again!

Check out these other awesome things the LiftMaster 85503 and your smartphone can do!

These may sound familiar as we’ve already mentioned them, but we just wanted to tell you again because this technology is so exciting!

  1. Open and close the garage door from an app on your smartphone, anywhere in the world!
  2. Give access to only the users you choose: No more texting passwords to each other or taking a day off work to stay home!
  3. See what’s going on by watching the live video feed into your garage.
  4. React to what’s happening in your home by responding to people or saying hi as they come in!

Check out these other hidden features we love in the LiftMaster 85503 smart garage door opener:

  1. Customize your notifications. When do you want to get alerts? Set your notifications for only certain times, certain users, or never!
  2. Check-in on the garage door status. Similar to that time you forgot to shut the oven off, sometimes we leave in a rush and we can’t remember if we closed the garage door behind us! These things happen! Instead of being nervous all day or bugging a neighbor to check on your house, simply open the app and check to see if your garage is open or closed! It’s that simple.
  3. Get in-garage deliveries for certain online orders. Because stealing packages is a thing, we recommend utilizing garage deliveries. This also helps in the event of uncertain weather!
  4. View activity from your video feed for up to 30 days with a subscription.

Alert Occured on your LiftMaster MyQ app: Garage door remains open 9:00 PM, Nov. 1

Do you think it’s time to change your garage door opener?

Did you know that any garage door that was installed after 1993 is not up to standard as far as safety laws? It’s also common that older doors can be opened with many different remotes. It’s an unfortunate fact that 9% of burglars enter the home through the garage door. It’s time to start thinking about an upgrade!

Not too keen on a garage door with a built-in camera? Perhaps you are concerned about the size or are not very tech-savvy.

That’s fine! There are so many options of door opener models that you can choose from!

Don’t get discouraged when shopping for the perfect model! There are so many features and confusing lingo that might stress you out! Here is a helpful infographic that will help you when shopping for a new door opener! Let us help you find a new device so that your home is safe and you are able to worry less!

Looking for something a little simpler? Contact us today at 705-322-0136.

Visit us at Doors & Things, where garage doors and garage door openers are our passion. We are waiting to answer all your questions and would love to give you advice based on all of your needs! Whether it be a budget limitation or something else, our experts are ready and waiting for your call!

If you’re thinking, “Why not change the garage door if I’m going to install a fancy new opener?” We can also help you with that! Use our 3 styles guide to help choose the perfect garage door for your beautiful home! Upload a photo of the front of your house and use our Design Centre or browse all our different models.

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