June 29, 2018

Turn Your Garage Into A Fun Spot This Summer!

If Your Garage is Out of Control with Stored Items, a Garage Sale Might Be the Perfect Solution

While the primary use of your garage is for parking your car and protecting your belongings from the elements, there is another use for this utility room that can be taken advantage of this summer. Why not use it as a room to enjoy some summer fun while staying out of the hot sun? With an insulated garage, there are many things you can do to stay cool and enjoy some long summer days with the family.

Many uses are available to you

You may not typically think about your garage when thinking about which rooms to renovate. However, it’s a large space that can be used as a super relaxing room over the summer. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Add a yoga studio: Make your garage a fun place to dance or do yoga by installing some mats and other workout accessories in your garage. This will provide a nice place for you to relax, meditate, stretch, or dance. You can add some treadmills for a nice private gym too!
  • An extra patio: Your garage would be a great place for a patio! You can add some furniture and some tables for accommodations to give your guests another space to hang out that isn’t in the backyard. On those days where the summers are hottest, you’ll be thankful that you have an indoor place to cool down.
  • Birthday party room: If your child is planning on throwing a fun birthday party this summer, why not have it in the garage? It will give your kid and their friends a great space to hang out where they’re away from the heat. You can put up some decorations and use the wall space for indoor games. They’ll have a blast!
  • Host a fancy tea party: If you love the idea of picnics or garden parties, and you want to host a fancy affair for your friends, you can build a space in the garage to host one. Or perhaps your teenager really wants to have a get-together, but you want to keep a close eye on them. Building a room out of your garage can give them a space to be themselves while still in the comfort of their own home.

Be sure to check on your garage door’s maintenance needs!

When your garage door has gone a long time without being inspected, you might want to give it a thorough lookover. A garage door that is showing any signs of wear or tear may be in need of a repair. Remember that it’s dangerous to continue using your garage door when it isn’t working properly, or if it is visually damaged. When you notice something wrong, you should contact Doors & Things to schedule an important maintenance checkup right away. If there isn’t any serious damage, you might just need a tune‑up.

However, if your garage door requires more work than that, you should rest assured that you can get it replaced at an affordable rate. In fact, you can get a free quotation on our website. Be sure to also check out our Design  Centre for ideas and inspiration in finding the perfect garage door to fit the needs of your home.


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