Some reasons why you should replace your garage door

House with tow garage doors

Changing your garage door can change the look of your garage and be advantageous for your home. Here are nine reasons why we believe you should change your garage door.

  • To increase your home’s value

    Choosing a new, stylish, low-maintenance garage door can seriously increase your home’s value.

  • To improve your home’s appearance

    Not only can replacing your garage door increase the value of your home, it can also improve the appearance of your home. Garage doors are available in a wide range of colours and styles, you’re guaranteed to find one that makes your home stand out from the crowd.

  • To lower utility bills

    Opting for a properly insulated and airtight R-16 garage door can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs. Although they are a bigger investment, they pay for themselves through savings on your utility bills

  • To reduce maintenance

    Most new metal doors require very little maintenance if you choose a pre-finished colour.

  • To protect items stored in your garage from the elements

    A lot of people now use garages as storage, but if you don’t want your items to be damaged by the extreme heat and cold, you need to choose an insulated door with thermal barriers.

  • To get more use out of your garage

    You’ll soon see that garages with highly-insulated doors are much more enjoyable places to spend time. You’ll be using it more and more.

  • To protect items stored in your garage from theft

    Old wooden and non-insulated metal doors pose no real challenge to burglars. Choose a door that’s at least 1 ¾ inches thick and has a metal skin both on the front and the back for added security.

  • To increase home security

    Over the past twenty years, garage door technology has advanced significantly. New door openers come with rolling code technology (each time you use the remote the code changes), which makes it difficult for people to gain access. There is even a Wi‑Fi app available so that you can operate your door wherever you are!

  • To reduce the risk of injury

    Since 1993, photoelectric reversal systems have been mandatory. These systems sense when something is in the way when the door is coming down, preventing injury.

To sum up

YES, buying a new garage door is an investment, BUT, a new garage door will increase your home’s value, security, improve your home’s appearance and make your garage a safer and more enjoyable place.

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