June 17, 2020

Ready for a Little Peace & Relaxation in Your OWN Space? Here comes the She Shed!

Everyone has heard of the man cave. It’s a space where all the guys can hang out and do the things they love to do. That might mean playing some video games, watching the latest sports game, playing cards, or having a few drinks.

Whatever the case, it was only a matter of time before women wanted the same kind of oasis for themselves, and they have found it in the she shed.

Both of these spaces aren’t as constrained in terms of decorating as the main areas of the home, and both offer sanctuary for the person who uses them.

While many man caves are in basements, garages, or other unused rooms in the house, women tend to want a bit more space away from everything going on around them.

Sure, people might have thought she sheds were a short‑term trend, but the world is proving them wrong!

If you’re into the idea of this feminine oasis for yourself, you might already have a great spot just waiting for you to use it. Perhaps there’s an old playhouse in the backyard that nobody has touched in years, or you have an old shed behind the house gathering dust. Even an unused garage can be an excellent spot to place your she shed.

Think about all the things you could do in peace with your own little space.

You could work on your writing, spend time on arts and crafts, get some gardening done, or just enjoy a book and a glass of your favorite wine.

Even if you don’t have a spot that immediately calls out to you as the location of your she shed, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

There are hundreds of prefabricated kits and easy‑to‑build structures to make the she shed you’re craving. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions to build the structure you choose.

No matter how you choose to set up your she shed, keep in mind that the journey can be just as exciting as the destination.

It can also be a project that gives you time to work with your partner or other family members to bond. If you want a few guidelines and ideas to go forward, keep reading!

ONE NOTE OF CAUTION: before you get started, check with your municipality for any restrictions and whether or not you’ll need permits.

If you already have the building you need, it’s time to clean!

Step one of the whole process is finding out what is in the garage, playhouse, or shed you want to use.

In many cases, it’s been used for storage in the past, and some of those things are going to need to go. While it can be emotionally challenging to go through your belongings to choose what stays and goes, it’s also going to give you what you need for the perfect she shed.

Which of these situations describe you?

  • You own an attached garage. You also have a shed in the backyard. This gives you tons of options. Consider how you can reorganize your storage so you get rid of all the things that you don’t use and probably never will.
  • You have a small garage in your yard or a shed in the same place. Think about whether you have some extra attic or basement space to store what you have to keep.

Now that you have an idea of what situation you are in and are sure you want to move forward, there are three things you’ll need to determine:

  • which items in storage you are sure you want to keep,
  • what things you could potentially sell in a garage sale,
  • and what items you can give to charity for someone else use

Now it’s time to create your transformation plan!

Maybe all you want to do is jump in and start moving things into the space. We recommend you step back for a moment to make a plan. If you simply can’t help yourself, another option is to take things in tiny steps to see how everything goes. As you may have heard, if you want a successful project, put 90% of your energy into planning and 10% into execution.

To build your plan, think about the final result you want. Take a little of your imagination and whatever you can dream up. Now isn’t a time to get worried about dreaming too hard. If you end up going overboard, a friend or family member will be there at the end to take your head out of the clouds in terms of budget. For now, there’s no harm in doing some serious dreaming.

After you’re done with all the dreaming, it’s the right time to establish a budget. This will take some research since you want to be realistic. Make sure you leave a little extra in the budget for the unexpected; around 10% of the project total should be just fine. Then take the estimated costs and your sketch, create an end date for the project, and stick it somewhere you can see it every day.

1. Time to measure the dimensions of the building you’ve chosen to use:

  • Measure the height, the depth, and the width of the space. You should also note any obstacles you’ll need to work around during the process, such as beams and heating ducts.
  • Are you using a mini garage? Think about its construction and decide if there’s storage space atop the roof trusses.
  • Look at other details. For instance, do you need plumbing or electricity? Are they already present? Do you need to make some changes to use them?

2. Get down and dirty with a building examination:

  • Foundation Whether it’s on a concrete slab or concrete piers with lumber, consider whether it will be sufficient for the plans you made.
  • Insulation: Think about the need for insulation and how many seasons you’ll be using your new oasis.
  • Roof: Is it in decent shape, or does it need some work?

You have a plan, you’ve made a budget, and now it’s time to get started!

Creating a sanctuary that works for you

No matter what purpose you have for creating a she shed out of an old garage or shed, we have some great ideas and tips for personalizing it to fit your desires.

1. What kind of style would you find the most satisfying?

In some cases, your main house may influence your choice of architecture as far as the actual look of the exterior and how you decorate it. However, it doesn’t have to. Think about whether you envision an artist’s studio with lots of light, a garden bungalow, a Victorian cottage, or something else

2. Choose some colours and add a dash of light

If you want natural light, larger windows or even a skylight give you that option. Also, adding a fresh coat of paint, both inside and out, can do a lot to transform a rundown building into something with beautiful feminine flair.

When it comes to colours, white or pastels are very chic. You can also make things more exciting by coordinating your door and window frames.

3. Great décor without spending all your cash

There are a few options to save money. You might look into what furnishing you may have around the house or ask friends and family members what they’re no longer using.

Take a few minutes to browse a few flea markets or antique shops.

Try being inventive. Take old belongings and repurpose them using your imagination.

4. Turn your eye toward beauty on the outside

Maybe a small deck, porch, or patio can be added with some comfy chairs.

Consider planting some perennials or a garden near the she shed.

Be aware everything doesn’t have to happen at once, you can also add more details as time goes on.

5. Make sure this space cries our your name and style

The most important thing is that this space speaks to YOU, whether that means having a seaside theme, shabby chic barn siding, and lace, or a gardener’s haven.

Maybe you want to add a worktable, a small sofa, or a writing desk.

Do what needs to be done to stay happy and relaxed.

Pinterest: a fantastic option for inspiration

If you only visit one website for ideas for your own she shed, it should be Pinterest. You can also find some great ideas using HOUZZ.

What about adding an all-glass garage door?

Regardless of the size of the building you’re using, and whether it has a garage door or not, Garaga offers all‑glass doors that can let in tons of daylight and sunshine. When it’s warm outside, you can open up the door, and when it’s cold, you can close it to stay nice and warm.

You can complement this California door with a variety of garage frame layouts and colours. There are also several types of glass, including clear, satin back, satin grey, or a bronze or blue tint. 😍👌

This door can be as small as 4 feet wide by 6 ½ feet high, which will fit most buildings.

What about a sectional garage door on your new she shed?

If you’re located near Midland, you can contact us anytime at 705‑322‑0136. We’ll explain how much space you need for a garage door in your she shed as well as the sizes you can choose. If you have enough clearance, an electric door opener can also be installed.

We can also offer you a quotation by email, or you can meet us at our showroom. If you want to change out the garage door you have, check our design centre to find the right style. You can also view our image gallery for a few fresh ideas.

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