Is a wall-mounted door opener right for your home?

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When you are building a new garage, one of the things that you’ll likely notice is a large space over the garage door. Typically this is where the garage door trolley is installed, but that takes up a lot of space. Many homeowners wonder if there exists another type of door opener, one that would allow you to utilize that storage space over the door.

The answer is yes! There is another option that you may be able to use instead of the overhead trolley. Keep reading to find out if a wall-mounted garage door opener is right for your garage.

How can a garage door opener be installed beside the door

A growing trend among residential home designers is to build garages with cathedral ceilings, or tall ceilings of over 10 feet (3 meters). This is frequently seen in townhouses, but is also popular because homeowners want more storage space in their garages. Most garage doors are 7 feet high (2.1 meters), or for an SUV vehicle, the height would be closer to 8 feet (2.4 meters).

The majority of these garages have centrally mounted door openers, called “trolley” type openers. However, there is an overlooked alternate type of garage door opener, installed next to the door, called a “jackshaft” opener. This opener measures a mere 16 ¼” high by 6″ wide by 6 ¾” deep (41 cm X 15 cm X 17 cm).

A jackshaft opener is every bit as safe as a trolley door opener, and also comes equipped with a photoelectric reversal. Remote control operated, this door opener uses the Security+ 2.0 system. This keeps your home safer by ensuring that no one can pick up the signal emitted by your remote, because a new code is created with every use. The three-button wall control panel can be equipped with a backup battery, to keep your garage door moving in the case of extended power outages. Lastly, it can use MyQ technology, allowing you to operate your garage door from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

What are the space requirements for a wall-mounted opener?

There are two features your garage must have in order to work for this type of opener:

  • There must be enough space, at least 8 inches (20 cm), on one side of the door.
  • If the garage door includes torsion hardware (springs installed over the door header), you must use a solid shaft to hold the springs instead of a hollow tube. The solid shaft is inserted in the housing of the door opener and is what the opener uses to raise and lower the door.

No matter what type of door opener you choose, it is vitally important that the door is properly balanced. If you are able to lift your garage door with only one hand and its perceived weight is between 8 and 10 pounds (3.5 and 4.5 kg), then you know the door is well balanced.

Should I use a wall‑mounted garage door opener?

The best type of garage for a wall-mounted garage door opener is one in which the floor‑to‑ceiling distance in your garage is over 10 feet (3 meters), and your garage door is 7 feet high (2.1 m). Opting for a trolley-type opener in a garage with these features means that you will have to hang the motor unit at least 2 feet (61 cm) from the ceiling, and the L-shaped brackets that hold the door opener will be very long. You’ll also need slotted steel angles in the form of a triangle, to install all of this safely, which again will be very long. Over time, vibrations from the door opener will make these elements less safe by loosening the installation.

Another great place to put a wall‑mounted opener is in a garage with a sloped or cathedral ceiling. Again, you can use the option of a trolley-type opener installed on tracks following the slope of the ceiling; however, a wall-mounted opener would take up less space and be safer in the long run.

How does the cost compare to a trolley-style opener?

Wall mounted openers do cost more upfront compared to trolley openers, but the advantages they provide typically make them more affordable in the long run. To help you understand the price difference, consider that a professional series trolley-type opener, model 8355W (½ HP, belt drive) goes for around $375 to $400, while the 8500 wall-mounted opener, will cost $150 to $175 more.

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