Garage door opener problems? Here are our solutions

Garage door opener problems? Here are our solutions

How can you properly protect all of your outdoor and seasonal objects? By storing them year-round in your garage of course! It’s important to remember that your garage and garage door can only perform so well if your door opener is malfunctioning. Your opener is essential when you want to access your home from your garage or when you have to leave for work in the morning.

Even a top-of-the-line garage door opener will need regular maintenance to fix minor problems. Some issues may seem insignificant at first, but can become a safety or operational issue later on. If your door won’t close completely, for example, animals and trespassers could gain access to your garage and home. If your opener is defective, it could open and close your door when you don’t want it to. Here are a few issues you might run into, with ideas on how to solve them.

Your door doesn’t close properly of fully?

Broken GarageDoor

This is probably the most irritating problem of them all. And of course, it happens when you’re in a rush to get to work in the morning. If your door won’t close properly, or won’t close at all, it needs to be fixed right away. The opening lets the cold, rain and snow into your garage. It also becomes an easy way into your home for animals or burglars. Repair your door before an entire family of raccoons moves into your garage!


This issue occurs when an automatic opener has a damaged or worn out part. It might also be due to an issue with the opener’s operating system. To fix the problem, first check the infrared sensor to make sure nothing is disrupting the beam. Next, check for any warning lights on the unit. Many garage door openers are equipped with lights which flash to indicate different problems. Your owner’s manual, which can often be found online, can tell you what the flashing lights mean. If the problem is one you can’t fix yourself, call a garage door specialist to carry out the necessary repairs.

Garage door opener remote does not respond

Garage Door Remote

Do you sometimes try to open your garage door with your remote control but it just won’t work? You might think you’re simply out of range and therefore try moving closer to get it to open. If this happens to you, there is likely a problem with your opener’s power source.


Before calling for help, you may want to do a little sleuthing. Check to see if the opener’s motor is plugged in properly. If that seems in order, check the corresponding fuse or circuit breaker. These quick checks can often identify the cause of the problem. Another common solution is replacing the batteries in your remote control. If your remote still won’t work, you may need to reprogram it, as the signal or code may have dropped. If none of these solutions work, it may be time for a new remote control for your garage door opener.

Failure of movement sensor

movement sensor

The movement sensor is a safety feature added to the bottom of your garage door. It is designed to stop your door if it senses someone or something is in its path, which can avoid damage and injuries. One of the sensors directs a beam toward the other. If an object interrupts the beam, the sensor breaks the circuit, preventing the door from closing.


The main cause of sensor failure is due to some kind of obstruction. Check both sensors to make sure nothing is blocking them, including ice, dust, spider webs or other objects. These sensors are delicate and can easily become misaligned. If your sensors do not seem to respond after you’ve made sure nothing is in the way, contact us or invest in new ones.

Garage door opener motor won’t stop running

Garage door opener

If this problem has occurred to you in the past, you know how irritating the sound of a continuously running motor can be. Don’t endure this motor sound and hope for the best, take control and find a solution. We can help you with it as well!


In this situation, your limit switch might need an adjustment, as it may have loosened or shifted over time. See if you can shift the switch away from the door opener’s motor to resolve this issue. Just remember that only a qualified technician is trained to make actual repairs to your garage door. To stay safe, leave repairs to an expert. If moving your limit switch does not help with your problem, contact a professional who will gladly take care of it for you in just minutes.

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