June 2, 2017

Four Factors to Remember When Buying a Garage Door

Contemporary Garage Door

How long have you had your old garage door? Perhaps you’ve had it for many years now – maybe for as long as you have owned home. It has done a stellar job, but now that it is getting older, it may not have the same capabilities that it once did. It might be time to update the door. Perhaps you are building a new garage and need to choose a door.

Of course, now that you know you need to have a new garage door, and you start to look at the options, it can seem quite overwhelming. If you are worried that you might not choose the right door because you have so many choices, this should help. We have narrowed it down to four important factors you need to consider when choosing the door for your home.

You have a lot of choices and options on the market, but if you think about these factors, you will find that it can make picking the right door much easier.

Consider the Style

One of the first things you must do when you are choosing your garage door is think about the style of your home and the garage itself. Do you have a traditional or a contemporary or modern style? Maybe you have a carriage-house style instead. You should always think about the style of your home when you are choosing your garage door, as it will make it easier to eliminate certain doors and styles that simply do not match. Garaga offers around 23 styles from which you can choose. By immediately eliminating the ones that do not work, it becomes much easier to narrow your choices.

Those who have a craftsman style home, for example, might want to consider a door that has a similar look to the siding they have on their home. You can find some great doors with classic embossed designs. Those who have a home that is contemporary and modern will want to have a garage door design that will work for that look. Having clean lines and a sleek appearance can work quite well. You might also want to consider a fully windowed garage door.

Those who have a carriage house style home can choose arched carriage doors, for example. These types of doors were quite popular back in the 1950s, and they still look fantastic today. It could be just the type of door you have been trying to find.

When you start to look at the options on the market today, you will find that the manufacturers have plenty of imagination. The doors look fantastic, and you can find plenty of great models that have decorative windows and other features that help to make them a great choice. It is even possible to have a custom garage door made, if needed.

You Need Great Insulation and Seals

While choosing the style of door is one of the first things that you need to consider when you are buying a door, you will want to consider how comfortable it will feel inside of the garage. After all, quite a few people today use their garage for more than their vehicles. They want to use all that square footage for other things. They might want to set up a place to enjoy their hobbies. They might want to engage in woodworking. Maybe they want to have a game room, a play room, a barroom, or even just a place for an extra fridge or for some storage.

You want to keep the garage area as comfortable as possible, and that means you need to have an insulated and weatherproof garage door. When you do, it can provide you with a space that is much warmer in those cold, icy winter months. This will make it comfortable no matter how you decide to use the garage. In addition, if your garage is attached, the insulated door will ensure that the frigid air does not get into your home, causing your heating bill to go up. Always make sure you are choosing a garage door that has a resistance value of at least R-12. Anything less than that, and it might feel like it doesn’t have any resistance to the cold at all.

The Maintenance

You want to have a garage door that works and that you do not have to think about and maintain all the time. In addition to the opener, you need to think about all the other components in your garage door system. You need to be certain that they are high-quality and that they are going to last. Look at the pros and cons of doors and components, and if you do not understand them, be sure to ask one of the professionals. A good door has the potential to last for around 20 years.

In addition to the components of the door, you also need to consider the paint. You do not want a door that needs painting each year. It is generally a good idea to steer clear of wood and to choose a metal garage door instead. The baked-on paint can last a long time.

See What It Looks Like

Thanks to our advanced technology, you can check out our Design Centre and get a very good idea of just what your garage door is going to look like before you spend a dime. There are three options:

  • You can choose to design and look at just the garage door that you want, and you can choose the model and add windows if you would like.
  • You could also see what that door would look like on one of the home models we have in the software. Choose one that looks like your home to get an idea of how your garage door would look.
  • Finally, you could even upload a picture of your house. Then, superimpose the garage door to see what it will look like. You can also check out the image gallery on the site.

Get Started

Now that you know the four important factors to consider when you are choosing your new garage door, it is time to get in touch. You can contact us at 705-322-0136. You can also check out the showroom and ask for an online quotation.

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