April 27, 2018

Easier Moving Begins with These 5 Garage Prep Steps

Easier Moving Begins with These 5 Garage Prep Steps

People are creatures of habit, and nowhere does this become more obvious than in the way we go about packing up and moving from one home to another. We each have a specific way we go about it, and we don’t change that routine much. Yet, one step that most take is to leave the garage for last. However, there are a lot of reasons you may want to reverse that process and take steps to make the garage a focal point for easy, seamless and more organized moving. Let’s look at five steps that can help you make the garage a major resource during a move.

Step 1: Making Sorting Easier

Moving may be a hassle, but it is a good opportunity for going through things and reconsidering what we have versus what we need. The garage is the perfect secure and sheltered spot for this. You can use an empty garage to sort your stuff into four clear groups:

  • Everything you will be keeping, packing and bringing
  • Items you should sell online or at a yard sale
  • Items to give to charity
  • Items that must be discarded and/or recycled

You may also want another pile for the “still considering” and use that to make the final call about whether to keep something or just let it go.

Step 2: Making Wrapping and Packing Easier

If you have an empty garage, you can more easily set up all of the boxes and wrapping materials and use this space to pack all of your breakables properly. You will want newspaper, bubble wrap, boxes and standard, 2” packing tape in a clear or brown color. It is amazingly easy to assemble moving boxes in a big, open garage, and that alone is a reason to empty it before you begin rather than saving it for last.

Step 3: Makes a Good Spot for Things Unable to Be Wrapped

Not everything you are keeping is movable, and some items that you are not keeping need to e organized for later removal or disposal. The garage is just right for things like paint cans, propane tanks and other flammables. It is also an ideal spot to remove gas from gear that movers will not ship with the fuel in the tanks, such as lawnmowers and snow blowers.

Step 4: Allows You to Setup a More Effective Workflow

To make any move effectively, you need to have a workflow that lets you do things like color coding boxes according to the room they’ll end up in. This can be difficult if you are struggling to do the packing in a cramped space.

Making the garage your packing center, you can lay out color-coded labels and markers, stickers with text like Fragile or This End Up and more. It also gives you space to arrange the boxes according to room or fragility.

Step 5: Makes Proper Wrapping a Breeze

With an empty garage as your workspace, you can wrap things properly, easily. Steps should include:

  • Grouping like items together, i.e., tools and workbench gear
  • Wrapping fragile as well as sharp items for safety
  • Using all original packaging when available
  • Disassembling items to make more room in the moving van
  • Packing boxes in manageable weights

Finally, if you want to prevent last-minute stress from striking, you can always start to get the garage under control and everything organized in the months before moving day. Beginning with the garage is best because it creates an immense storage and organizational space. And remember to always ask for help if needed as that too cuts down on moving day stress.

Remember too that you may need to update some aspects of the garage to make the ideal workspace prior to moving. If your garage door needs a good tune‑up or even an outright change, just contact us anytime at 705-322-0136.

We are glad to send over a quotation by email, come to your home and go over the range of garage doors on the market, and introduce you to our Design Centre, where you can test out styles or use the image gallery to get ideas and inspiration.


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