November 24, 2017

What Does Your Dream Garage Look Like?

Woman In a Tidy Garage

Having a vision for each room in your home is a great way to slowly and affordably make it the place of your dreams. However, the garage is often a space that defeats even the most dedicated home improver. Packed with clutter, dark and dank, and used poorly, it can make us throw in the towel any time we consider improving it.

Fortunately, the popular HOUZZ website shared a few great ideas for improving the garage, and even making it your dream space.

Getting Started

Those experienced in home improvements know that a “to do” list is key to success. You can start yours by first making a rough sketch of your vision. Ask yourself the following:

  • What’s the layout?
  • What’s the budget?
  • What materials will be needed?
  • What color, flooring, cabinetry or other items are in the plan?

With this data, you can then visit websites offering accurate prices for everything in mind, and you can then adjust your vision to meet the budget. It is possible that your plans would run thousands or even tens of thousands…pick according to your personal and budgetary realities.

Garage with Cabinet

One of the first things to consider is the walls and the floors. You must repaint the walls, and consider the ideal treatment for the floors. In most cases, epoxy paints are a great option.

Garage with Tools

Then, it is on to the walls, post-painting. Are you looking at them as storage? Look at the clever ways PVC and wood paneling is used to create storage.

Clean Garage with Cabinet

And speaking of storage, have you thought about melamine cabinetry systems? They keep everything safe from dirt and debris as well as organized and out of sight!

Garage With Work Station

Reworking the garage is also the time to integrate a DIY space into the mix.

Garage With Storage

Challenged for space? Don’t just look at the walls – look up at the ceilings, too.

Garage Storage Over Garage Door

And that includes the space that might be left unused by the garage door.

Don’t Overlook Your Garage Door!

While considering that door, what is the status of your garage door? Is it time for an update or change? If so, contact us anytime at 705-322-0136.

If you want some help on this, we can visit you and review your options, send you an email quotation, and tell you more about our online Design Centre and image gallery full of ideas.

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